What is Lithocrete® Group Midwest?

Lithocrete® Group Midwest is a group of highly-skilled architectural concrete contractors and licensed Lithocrete® installers that can assist with the specification and installation of your Lithocrete® projects.

Lithocrete® is the original patented concrete system that has redefined fine plazas and other hardscape creations nationwide. Lithocrete's® unique colors and textures combine to create the perfect finish for large building plazas, museums, public buildings, and municipal projects. It is a natural granite and/or stone finish permanently embedded into the surface of structural concrete with Shaw & Sons' own unique finishing process. Due to its small crushed size, Lithocrete® has become a favorite for hospital entries where patients, handicapped people and visitors require a non-abrasive surface that remains non-slip even when wet from inclement weather. Lithocrete® easily works over grade or on structure, and can configure to variable grades and conditions. With System 1 Lithocrete®, there are also two additional patents that enable the use of reactive materials including natural shells and heat-fractured, recycled glass, which has sustainable attributes.

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